Nenuco and Her Little Sister

| August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

Being the only child in the house is great! I mean who doesn’t love one on one attention from their parents? Telling your child that they will be getting a little brother or sister can be either very scary or very exciting for them! Bringing home a little sister or brother can be daunting for little girls. They don’t just know how to be a big sister. It all starts with imaginative play by caring for a favorite doll. Nenuco, one of Europe’s most prestigious doll makers, has crafted a line of soft-body baby dolls so that young children everywhere can practice feeding, bathing, dressing and all-around nurturing in preparation for when mommy brings home a new sibling.  With a Nenuco doll and the best role model they could hope for (thanks mom), they’ll be prepared to be the best big sister ever.

This adorable 2 doll value set will appeal to any child that has or is expecting a younger sibling. Big sister has a pink jumper dress. Little sister matches in a complimentary jumper. You child can experience what it might be like having a younger sibiling and prepare them to be able to help mom and dad out!


Lauren loves this set! I find her doing the big sisters hair all the time while the baby sister naps in a crib. Lauren is one of those kids who begs me for another brother or sister! lol


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