North Pole Kids’ Club

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 North Pole Kids’ Club has direct orders from Santa Claus to certify as many Junior Elves as possible. For kids that want to stay off the naughty list, enlisting in the North Pole Kids’ Club secures a spot on Santa’s nice list. That’s because youngsters 4-years-old and up become Junior Elves by being polite, helpful and merry. It all starts with the Official Elf Kit™ available now at specialty shops or online at Here’s How It Works and watch this video shows kids explaining how it works.

 Youngsters may be surprised to learn that becoming a Junior Elf is so rewarding! Boys and girls are asked to perform simple tasks that mean so much to Santa. There’s magic reindeer food and cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve. Before that magical night, an illustrated handbook is packed with fun and creative activities for the Christmas season.

I signed my kids up for the North Pole Kids’ Club and they received their special box from the North Pole. They were thrilled to revive this package in the mail.



The package included:

A special note from Santa himself which I cannot show as it is top secret!


A special key which you hang on your door Christmas Eve for Santa!


A great story book with great ideas to help out, family activities. Also includes recipes that teaches you to make reindeer food, Finley’s favorite cookies and Graham cracker house recipes! The package also comes with activity books!


This is so much fun for kids! If you want to pick up your kit you can use discount code “BLOG20”, which gives 20% off your order at checkout. Expires December 5, 2016.

You can also win a green or pink single Elf Kit below!

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