Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Review

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I am very picky on the type of makeup I wear. Believe it or not I didn’t start wearing makeup ( except mascara & eyeshadow) until I was 23. The reason for that is because my skin was flawless and simply didn’t need it. I got curious with make up and started wearing mineral powder then onto a BB cream foundation. Ever since I started wearing crap on my face I have been breaking out more!  I tried using the Olay Fresh Effects BB cream thinking it would cover up blemishes and some faded dark spots but it didn’t cover up anything.


I don’t believe they intended the Olay BB cream to be a concealer, I hope not.  Below is a one side with and one side without.

olay bb cream

What is Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream is good for?

Well, it may not be a great concealer but it’s great if you have semi flawless skin that just needs a tad of tint to hide minor imperfections. It’s great for those days where you have to go run a quick errand and don’t want to put on makeup. Not only will it add some tint but it also has a skin perfecter and sunscreen. I personally don’t like to wear makeup and if I have to run to the store for something quick it’s a drag to have to put on make up. With Olay Fresh Effects I just rub it on my face like lotion and my skin tone looks even and my face does not look dull.

The down side the Olay Fresh Effects for me personally & my skin. I don’t wear this with makeup or powder, I wear it alone. My skin is very sensitive and having tons of crap on my face will make it break out. I noticed my skin breaking out while wearing this for a while because of the greasy sunscreen that’s in it.

Wearing make up is a personal preference and what your skin likes. Olay Fresh Effects is great for a quick minimal coverup & skin protector. Not as a foundation or full cover up.

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