Onya Baby Cruiser Carrier Review & Giveaway

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From the Manufacturer
The Cruiser is perfect for a stroll around the block or to your local coffee shop. Having a chair harness will impress anyone at a moment’s notice. Soft and supportive for your baby’s needs. Comfortable and versatile for yours. Cruising through your day with your child in a soft cotton baby carrier is what it’s all about. Whether it’s a visit to the park, a long walk on the beach, or a quick stop at the farmer’s market, it’s designed to carry your child on your front or back. The Onya Baby Cruiser has an integrated seat that fits on most chairs, so you can enjoy meals together without having to worry about whether the restaurant or café has a seat for your baby – you’ll already have one stashed in your back pocket.
We tested out the Onya Baby Crusier Carrier on our 4 year old. We knew that it would hold a new born with no problem. We wanted to test it’s comfort and durability and see how it would handle everyday use with a 4 year old. 
We used our Onya carrier every chance we could. I used it grocery shopping, Our frequent trips to Disneyland, walks and much more.  The Onya carrier is very comfortable even carrying a 35 lb child all day.  The padding around the lower back, shoulders and child’s legs makes the carrier more comfortable and less strenuous on your body.
The adjustable chest clip is wonderful. This helps alleviate pressure 
off your shoulders and gives the carrier a more secure hold.
The secured clips on the Onya carrier are all adjustable
which is really nice since not every one is built the same. The waist clip also includes a
safety band for added security.
I love that there are little hoops on the shoulder straps and the side of the carrier!
Perfect for hanging toys! What a smart idea!
There is a good size pocket in the back for essentials. This is great for my Disneyland trips!
I try to take as little a possible so this pocket is great for storing my wallet and keys.
Also in the back is a secret pocket with a pop out hood
 to help shield your child from harsh elements.
Simply button to the shoulder strap!
 I like to use it when my child is sleeping. It seems to help him nap better.
Have a small diaper bag or clutch? No Problem! The Onya Carrier has another
secret compartment with an adjustable clip to hang items from but mainly used to clip to a chair when used as an infant seat at the dinner table.
I absolutely love using my Onya carrier! It’s made very well for long time use! Since my
son does not use stroller this is a great temporary replacement for when he gets tired of walking.
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