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School time has come and Petsac Pets have arrived just in time for your little one to sport around their very own Petsac Pet! We received our Petsac pet and Lauren loves how soft a cuddly her Panda is! You wouldn’t even know there is a backpack stuffed inside that cuddly bear.


Simply unzip the back of your bear and easily pull out the backpack! Below is also a cute short video on how it works.

bear 1

Walk! it’s a backpack! Lauren uses her backpack when she travels. She uses it to carry her personal items such as chargers, chapstick and gum.. lots of gum..

The PetSac Original Collection is planned with nine core animals and six custom backpack prints. Choose White Polka Dots, Blue Paws, Red Plaid or three other charming designs. The hardest part will be deciding which Pet to bring home and in what backpack pattern! Few examples below.


Available August 1 at and at Walmart, are nine soft Pets. Give one as a birthday present and expect the Wow factor to emerge from every mom in the room! PetSacs are ideal for overnight trips, travels in the car, sleepovers at Grandma’s or Back To School. Wherever they go, PetSac’s furry Pets have got their back!

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