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Having kids means having tons of toys, so storage is a must. That’s what happens when you have three children. Legos are a staple in my house and storage bins are not fun to look at. A European company from Belgium called Play&Go has found a way around those bulky containers by making fun storage bags that you can store easily and take anywhere.

My kids love to play Legos daily, not only that, they love taking Legos with them when we visit family, sadly it’s only a few they take. That is until we started storing them in play&go.  Simply pull play&go bag filled with Legos out and flatten the bag into a play mat and start building. The play&go toy storage bag measures 140cm in diameter and is made from a cotton durable fabric which comes in many designs to choose from. As you can see it’s a decent size.

Once they’re done, there is no picking up!  Just pulls the draw strings and BAM! A closed bag of Legos! I’m not left with Legos all over the floor and I don’t hear complaining when it’s time to clean up. I can’t believe this held not one but two containers of Legos and there is still room for more!

They also have mini play&go bags for smaller storage that are 40cm. My daughter has one for her coloring a drawing stuff. It makes it nice for her to have a place to store and take on the go.

The best part about the mini play&go is you can carry it around like a bag.

My kids love this and so do I. I love the look and feel of the fabric which I know will last a long time. Unlike bulky plastic containers, you can morph a full play&go bag into a tight space. Plus, they are much more fun to look at! Great gift for any occasion. If you’re interested in purchasing one head to, which can take your order and ship direct, or you can purchase on Amazon.

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