Poopyhead Game

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Family game nights are a must in my house at least once a week. My family loves games that are fun and humorous such as the  Po0pyhead game. Yes, I’ll admit it sounds a little disgusting, but it’s actually really fun and addicting. Most of all, I love seeing my kids laugh and have the look of disgust at the same time!


Playing the game is really simple! My 7 and 9 year old figured how to play right away without much assistance from me. Playing the game is as easy as going to the toilet. First you find the toilet, then you do your business and finally you wipe. I know.. gross right? Last but not least you wash your hands. After that, the entire process starts over again. Play your cards as quickly as possible according to order and color. Squeeze the whoopee cushion as your done. Sounds pretty simple right?!


Is it the wall-to-wall coverage of the Presidential elections or has everyone recently lowered their standards of decorum? Coincidence or not, the buzz in the toy world is a new game that most parents would not let their children say aloud – until now! Poopyhead ($16.99) is a hilarious game of cards where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2! This up-until-now taboo theme is getting a lot of attention from retailers and families. And yes, there’s a free accompanying app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores to extend play!

 Grownups may say excrement, cow chips or manure but it all boils down to poopy and admit it, everyone does it! So why not make a game of it? Some who have played the game have actually found it to be a teaching tool for kids. The game includes five headbands (elastic bands with a brown pile resembling #2), thus the name Poopyhead, that players will eventually wear once they lose a round. Kids, parents, grandparents and especially teens were able to stop laughing just long enough to continue another round! After five rounds, the player with the most piles atop their head is the game loser.

Head over to get yours now online at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, also expect to see shelves full of Po0pyhead at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Hastings! Keep your kids entertained this summer!

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