How to Prepare Your Family for Emergencies

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How to Prepare Your Family for Emergencies

The idea of an emergency such as a natural disaster or house fire happening to your loved ones can feel scary and overwhelming. However, if you take the time to prepare your family for these types of situations, you’ll absolutely gain peace of mind knowing that you have a plan ready. This month is National Preparedness Month, so it’s the perfect time to start educating your family on emergencies and arranging plans. Here are some tips to consider for before, during, and after emergencies to get your planning started.

Some examples of emergencies you should have your family prepared for include natural disasters, home robberies, house fires, and medical emergencies. There are many ways to prepare your family for these situations, so here are just a few tips to give you an idea.

Create an emergency kit. Emergency kits come in handy for tons of circumstances, so it’s important to have multiple on hand in your home and vehicles. Include items like a first aid kit, food, a whistle and a hand-crank radio.

Protect your home. Take precautions to protect your home such as adding extra locks, asking neighbors to keep an eye on things while you’re away, and installing a home security system. Systems like SimpliSafe have updates on social media so you can stay up-to-date with changes to your system.

Teach your family safety tips. Go over tips for staying safe while cooking, staying home alone, calling emergency numbers, and more. Teaching these basic safety tips will help prevent accidents and prepare your loved ones to react swiftly if one does occur.

Have an escape plan in order. If there is danger within your home or heading towards it, it’s possible that you’ll have to leave to a safe place. Decide on a safe place where you can all meet until the problem has passed. If you must evacuate and leave town, make plans ahead of time with a trusted family member or friend. This way, you can return the favor if they ever need a place to stay.

In the case that an emergency does happen, it’s essential to stay calm and remember your plans. First, make sure you are in a safe area and help any others in the immediate area to the best of your ability. Once you are somewhere safe, call for help. Make sure you remind your family of the plan you created and use any resources you made available in your preparations. If you need to stay somewhere away from your home, contact your out-of-town contact to make them aware of your situation.

Once you and your loved ones are safe and the emergency has passed, do what you can to plan for your living situation to be taken care of. First, ensure that you and your family have a safe place to stay until you can return home. If damage has been done or items were stolen, call your insurance companies to see how they can assist you. Reach out to your employer to notify them of your situation and find out which steps they recommend to start your journey back to normalcy. Once you can return to your home, find what has been damaged or stolen and begin replacing important documents. You or your family members might have difficulties coping after an emergency, so find assistance for them during this time.

It’s so important for your family to understand your emergency plans so they can implement them if the situation occurs. Keep your plans written out for family members to review and practice your plan occasionally so it’s not forgotten. What are some of the ways you keep your family prepared?

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