QuickSmart Easy Fold Stroller Review

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 I have an energetic three year old who is by the way very independent and loves to walk. We do frequent Disneyland allot and surprisingly he will walk the whole day! There are times though that he needs to rest which leaves me carrying him especially when it’s late and he’s passed out.  It’s nice that I don’t have to push an empty stroller around all day but there are times when I need one for a short period of time.
I took the Quick Smart Easy Fold Stroller this time because it weighs a tiny 15.4 pounds and folds so compactly that I can rent a locker and store it until I need it or if I am shopping I can quickly fold it up and store it under a shopping cart! I love that it doesn’t take up space in my trunk either.The Quick Smart Stroller is great for parents who are on the go who do not want to lug around a bulky stroller. This stroller is in between a standard umbrella stroller and a mid size stroller.
Some Great Features:
The Quick Smart stroller folds in two easy and natural steps! It’s great for parents like me who are always in a rush. I need something that will fold up on a dime. It also folds very small!
20.1 in L x 21.3 in W x 9.8 in H

The storage bag is great for carrying or traveling! Yes, this stroller is so small (weighing 15 pounds) you can carry it on your shoulder while it’s in the stroller bag!

The Quick Smart stroller is compact even when opened. My 3 year old
seems to fit just perfectly with a little room to move around.

There is a five point harness to keep this little guy secure. This helps
prevent running around the store yelling and screaming.

The Quick Smart stroller had a two position recline which is fine for just running
around town. It gets the job done when my little once wants to take a nap.

To recline the seat there are four clips in the back you need to release.
I hate this feature becauseit makes more work for me,

The Canopy Sucks. Wish it was just bigger, maybe more curved on the edge.
I guess is inevitable for a light weight stroller.

One feature I do like on the canopy is the peek a boo window!

The basket underneath is very small. The basket will hold probably a small diaper bag.  That’s OK for this stroller though. When I use this stroller it’s for quick trips. So I don’t need allot and my 3 year old does not need a diaper bag anymore and when I go to Disneyland I take as little as possible anyways.

There is a nice foot rest that is great for little feet! I also 
love that it’s plastic so it’s easily cleanable.


The handle bar is stationary, which means it does not adjust to your height. But it’s taller 
than most handlebars.


The quick smart stroller is really easy to push and maneuver. But very top heavy 
and has the potential to tip over. Not very safe.

The wheels are made of rubber which I like. I can’t stand worrying about getting a flat tire. 

I like the fact that this stroller is compact but I don’t like that it’s top heavy and a safety hazard. 
I would probably NOT recommend this to family and friends.

You can purchase the Quick Smart Stroller Here for $169

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