Radz Candy Dispenser Review

| March 20, 2013 | 4 Comments
Easter is just around the corner!
What will you be putting in your child’s Easter Basket?
Launched in 2012, Radz Brand’s debut product line is the Radz everyday collection featuring collectable candy dispensers, candy refill packs, and dispenser accessories. The line corresponds with Radz online entertainment portal, Radzworld.com, which includes free games, videos, app downloads, and fan art galleries.
Radz candy dispensers are a fun way to get through the long school days.
These cute little dispensers will sure to be a hit with all the kids.
What I love is that you can hook your Radz candy dispenser to any bag or backpack.
Pull the hair back and the tongue sticks out with one piece of candy!
There are many characters to choose from with cool accessories.
The candy is peanut free and gluten free.

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  1. Kim @ LiaH says:

    OMG girl! Now I’m the one who is wanting one roflmao!!! I love these!

  2. Kim @ LiaH says:

    I forgot to ask … do you know where these are sold at? Like Target, Walmart? I am so totally going to hunt these little guys down lol!

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