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Listening to the radio anymore is out of the question when you have kids in the car. I tried that once and this song called Anaconda by Nicki Minaj came on. It was a good song a first until the ending when nothing but horrible language that even the beeping couldn’t drown out came on. Ever since then my radio is non-existent when the kids are present. I turn to children’s CD such as Rory Gardiner’s new album called Yee-Haw.

I love this CD because it’s just the perfect amount of coolness for children and adults. It’s fun and catchy! You can listen to some samples HERE. My kids love this CD and always request it while driving. “Yee Haw” has 12  original country tracks specifically made for children, with one special bonus track for the parents, oh yeah… more specifically new parents.

See, my kids are way to cool for bad music!


Who is this Rory Gardiner we speak of?


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Rory must be the jack of all trades with becoming an author, reality TV star and a popular country singer at it’s finest. He decided to become a full-time country singer in 2007 after appearing on CMT, a reality show for singers from around the country which turned into a guest appearance on the CMT the Top 20 countdown with Casey Clarke the following year.

In 2009 Rory released his debut full length country album titled “Break Free”, co-produced with JR Vautour in Nashville, TN. Three tracks were released nationally to country radio, and Rory hit the road on a national radio tour, opening for a number of great acts, including Doc Walkers and Aaron Pritchett. Later that year joining the roster playing the Ottawa Country Music Hall of Fame with Charlie Major.

In 2013 Rory released a new single “On My Way” to Country Radio, co-written with Canadian hit maker Tim Hicks. The song got picked up as the theme song for WildTV’s Season 3 Fall Brawl show.

So go get your copy of Yee-Haw today! You can purchase it HERE. How can you say no to that face!



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