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The word sack conjures up old-timey childhood pleasures from a potato sack race to Santa’s big red bag. Now the Sack has been reimagined as a cozy mini-sleeping bag full of friends who will always stick around. Introducing SackPals the perfect pastime for boys and girls who like to snuggle and interact with an imaginary landscape that includes a dog, an elephant, a kitty and a turtle which your child can give their own unique names or keep the ones they come with.

We travel a lot and on top of that the kids love to stay with grandparents and cousins. The kids having a favorite item to travel with has become a much more fun experience, especially in the car during our travels. They love to take their Sack Pals as a comfort blanket in the car.

My kids love to go to sleep overs. I remember my first sleep over and it was a pretty scary milestone. But I remember having a comfort item that made me feel at home. Sack Pals provides the same feeling of secure to my youngest when he’s away away from home and he doesn’t leave home without it! It’s a must have for our movie nights to snuggle with. He brings his Sack Pals into the living room and gets comfortable as it provides a warm, cozy environment for him to create his own world of imagination and fun.

The Sack is a cozy blanket designed to keep you warm and safe while your SackPals stick to the play surface. Don’t worry, your Pals won’t get lost or fall off during play time. The sleeping bag itself is small. Just to show a size reference this is my 10 year old daughter with the SackPals. As you see this is made for smaller children.


When playtime or movie time is over, the Sack can be simply turned inside out and your Pals are kept safe inside, ready for your next adventure! Wan to win one?! SackPals is offering one of our lucky readers a SackPals set of their own! The giveaway is open to US only.Enter Below!


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