Scatter Dodgeball

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What was your favorite out door game to play as a child? Mine was soccer and dodgeball. Yes, I said dodgeball…It’s a game that children still play at home or in school. But these days, forget the classic dodgeball… There is a new twist on dodgeball and it’s called Scatter Dodgeball!


Gather up two to six players and hand out two wristbands of the same color. Players circle-up while one player rolls the dice ball. The player wearing the colored wrist bands that match the color on the dice ball — as it comes to rest — is the thrower for that turn.


As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wrist band to the thrower. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband. The first person to get all the wristbands wins the game!


My kids has a blast playing this game! I love that this game teaches the kids to play together without actually hurting each other  since a foam ball is used. I also love that it promotes fitness without thinking you’re actually exercising! I love that it’s a foam ball so it won’t hurt when you get hit too. My oldest has an arm on him! lol

You can purchase at Target stores and online for $19.99

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