Sleep With Me Cradle Review

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

All little girls love to mimic their mom & the Sleep With Me Cradle made by Famosa is definitely the way to accomplish this. This adorable and unique play set a cradle that can attach to the bed, keeping her baby close to her all night long. You are the best Mommy looking after your baby; feeding, bathing, dressing, putting her to sleep, taking her for a walk…providing lots of tender loving care!  Nenuco provides aspirational role play for children of all ages to interact with their dolls in fun & creative ways.  Nenuco dolls are so much more than just a toy.  With Nenuco, children are practicing social skills, imagining what it’s like to care for others and learning it from the best role model…you.


My 6-year-old is a little mommy. She loves anything that has to do with babies so when she saw the Sleep With Me Cradle she flipped out with excitement! She tore open the box and put it together herself then we attached it to her bed. We loved all the little features such as the night-light and the little embellishments that are included. This is a perfect set for any little girl who loves to play mommy.



You can purchase the Sleep With Me Cradle for $29.99  A great item for Christmas!

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