Snooze Shade Plus Review

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I’m a mom, a mom who likes to keep her kids protected from the sun. 
Some strollers just don’t cut it when it comes to sun coverage. Sometimes I even wonder why some stroller manufactures even put a sun shade on their strollers. Sometimes though it’s inevitable to keep the sun off your baby just due to the way the sun is positioned.
That’s why I love Snooze Shade
SnoozeShade Plus is the award-winning dual-purpose compact sun and sleep shade. It protects little ones from the sun when they’re awake or can be used to create the perfect environment for a nap. 
Use day or night, on holiday, out and about and when travelling so your little one can enjoy the sights and sleep comfortably wherever you are.

From the manufacturer 
I like how the Snooze Shade Plus will also fit carry cots. A great way to keep
strangers from touching your baby.

SnoozeShade Plus is for you if you are:

* looking for the ideal travel sun and sleep solution
* keen to maintain baby’s sleep routine when you are away from home
* want to protect baby from the sun’s rays whether they’re awake or asleep
* frustrated when baby can’t switch off in bright sunlight or busy surroundings
* looking for a product to suit babies and toddlers that fits all your prams and buggies
SnoozeShade Plus has a single layer ‘lookout’ window for little ones to see out and enjoy the sights whilst protecting them from 80% of UV rays.  
When it’s nap time, simply zip up the outer layer ‘snooze’ panel to create a cosy, darkened, distraction-free environment that helps tired babies switch off to nap. 
In snooze mode, SnoozeShade Plus blocks over 98% of UV rays. It offers one of the highest levels of sun protection in the pushchair sunshade market.
Benefits include:
* baby can enjoy surroundings when awake protected from 80% UV 
* provides maximum sun protection when baby is asleep
* helps maintain your baby’s sleep routine wherever you are
* prevents well-meaning people from disturbing your sleeping baby
* made from soft stretchy breathable fabric which doesn’t retain heat
* use all year round to protect from sun, wind, chill and insects
* sneak-a-peek™ zip lets you check easily when baby is asleep
* quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small
* fits all styles of prams and buggies
* endorsed and supported by international baby sleep experts
* longer and wider than Original – use it until your child is approx. 4 years old
* neutral latte colour trim
Want to know if it will fit your pram or buggy? Don’t worry, we’ve not found one worldwide it doesn’t fit. If you need a few tips simply check out their YouTube channel for short demo videos or email them.

My Review:
I love using my SnoozeShade! I travel a lot and this comes in handy when keeping unwanted hands off my child and also most of the places I travel to can be really hot and humid. That’s when I bust out the SnoozeShade and the portable mist fan and baby can travel like a king out of the heat! It’s very compact and can easily store in a backpack when not in use. 
While using the Snooze Shade plus I found that my toddler slept more peacefully in his stroller with out the distraction of the out side world. Better naps equal happier toddler. It’s very light and breathable which will keep him cool and away from the sun. The snooze shade plus is very compact, durable and easy to use.
The SnoozeShade takes a couple minutes to put on but once you 
get used to putting it on it’s a cinch. I used mine on the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller.
It will fit any stroller you have which is a plus!
The front zips open to ventilate & to keep baby from over heating.
There is also an open access zipper to easily get to baby for small needs. 
I love the SnoozeShade and highly recommend it to family & Friends.

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