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Starpath Dolls are the newest and hottest toy for children all over the world. I remember when I was a little girl  I had a few select dolls that I loved. Every little girl should have at lease one doll they can call their friend, especially Starpath Dolls! BFFs provide us with companionship, acceptance and love. Having a Starpath Doll in your child’s life does just that which is giving the doll/child experience a whole new meaningful and fun level where girls ages 5-9 can escape into magical, personalized chapter books starring them and their dolls.

Lauren loves her Shining Star Starpath doll, a wonderful friend who loves to dress up like a fashion model.  She has a huggable cloth body and her head and limbs are moveable and made of smooth vinyl. She named her doll Macy which I think is a perfect name for this beautiful doll!

Lauren’s doll has warm brown eyes and long chestnut brown hair that is brush-able and can be styled. Admittedly, I am a little envious of her hair. It is amazingly soft and straight! Lauren is really into hair styles and her dolls beautiful long hair allows her to experiment different hair styles. I am in aww with the incredible facial features of this doll and am highly impressed with the attention to detail when creating these beautiful. dolls. So beautiful!

Lauren chose this doll specifically because she loves her outfit and  by choosing her own doll she thinks that she and her will be best friends. Lauren is excited about the custom personalized e-book and was able to create her own story which included her and her favorite people/things!

The Starpath Dolls experience is quick, fun and easy. Girls, or parents and gift givers, can choose from four unique 18-inch dolls—Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star and Wandering Star—and then visit the enchanting Starpath Dolls website to create their personalized book. They then answer a series of fun questions about the child’s world and favorite things. These details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it truly her story and serving as a wonderful “memory book” of her personality. Each one-of-a-kind book arrives by mail within one to two weeks.

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