Summer Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor Review

| September 1, 2012 | 0 Comments
The BabyTouch Color Video Monitor is the most innovative baby video monitor on the market. It features a revolutionary touch-screen controlled monitor, the first of its kind. Like many of the smart phones, simply touch the screen to control the monitor’s pan, scan, zoom and brightness features. Two other great aspects include a stylish, magnetic docking station for the handheld unit and a wireless, rechargeable battery-powered dock for the camera. Another wonderful feature is the unique talk-back option, giving parents the ability to speak into the handheld monitor and have their voice projected through the camera.
The Summer Infant Baby Touch is small in size and sleek in design, it is the first-ever touch screen video monitor, kind. With a generous 3.5″ touch screen LCD panel, parents can interact and keep an eye on baby using the same smart phone technology available today. A simple touch of the screen gives parents the ability to adjust the brightness, pan/scan and zoom. The scan option is GREAT!! If you purchase multiple cameras you can set the monitor to scan through the camera you have set up in each room Kind of like a security system would do.

The monitor can sit in a minimal magnetic recharging base when it needs to recharge but another feature I love is there is a “kick Stand” on the back of the monitor to set when not charging! I love setting it on my night stand right next to me. 

The super quiet camera can be remotely activated so parents can reposition their viewing angle to see baby at all times – even in the dark. The volume is excellent, I can hear the kids quite well.. Even snoring… The Camera is easy to move around and adjust to your preference. My favorite part.. The intercom! Not only can I keep an eye on my kids but we’re able to talk back and fourth! There is a small button to push on the monitor for the parents.  I can catch them in the action when their being bad.. The video quality is great also, I had no problem seeing my kids.. and the night vision is better just as awesome! 
I would definitely recommend this to a friend and it would also be a great shower gift!

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