Summer Fuze Stroller Review

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Most strollers look the same as each other now a days, that’s why I look for a stroller that stands out, the one that has unique features that others don’t. The Summer Infant Fuse stands out.


The Fuze stroller is a great lightweight stroller weighing in a 22lbs. It’s super light because it’s made of aluminum but strong enough to hold a child up to 50lbs.

The hood is ok. I wish it was longer and covered more.


There is a peek-a-boo window to check on sleepy children or young babies. I like that there are small flat magnets in the flap to help keep it open.


The seat is very soft & comes standard with a 5 point harness & a removable bumper bar.


The seat dimensions are as follows.

The seat is 12 inches wide

SeatBack is 18 1/2 tall

From the seat to the inside of the canopy 21 inches

Caden is 4 years old and 42 inches tall and just barely fits.


The seat has a 3 position recline facing forward & facing towards mom



The basket is huge and is one of my favorite features because the basket has springs that move the outer part of the basket up and down for easy access.



The tires on the fuze are nice. They’re not air filled so the ride wont be as smooth but I rather that than an unexpected flat tire which has happened to me on many occasions.


The front tires have the option to lock so you can take your stroller on tougher terrain. The Fuze turned pretty good with my 4 year old but at times I felt it catch. Like the front wheel didn’t want to turn when I turned causing it to almost flip. I have a feeling this is due to all the weight that’s being put on the front tires vs. the back.


The handle bar adjusts from 30inches to 40 inches. This is great for my kids because they also love to push the stroller.



The brake is really nice! I wear flip flops 24/7 and sometimes those brakes a hard to use. This one is very simple. You don’t even need to use your toes!


Folding the Fuse is really easy and fold compactly. Yes! You can even fold it with the seat attached to the frame!


You can purchase the Summer Fuze for about $350. A great price for a great stroller.

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