Summer Infant Resting Up Napper Review

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The Resting Up Napper provides a comfy incline so baby can sleep sounder. Soothing vibration and sounds help baby to fall asleep.. 3 point harness. Machine washable cover. 30 degree inclined seat for comfort. 
The Resting up Napper was really easy to assemble right out of the box!
 Just a couple clicks and screws and it was ready to use!
The Napper is very soft and comes standard with an adjustable safety harness.
I also love the mesh on the sides for air flow.
I love that the Napper has the option for vibration.
Some babies love this and some don’t. I have yet to know a baby who doesn’t.
The Resting Up Napper folds easily & compactly for transportation from room 
to room so that baby can nap peacefully anywhere.

Folding the Napper takes seconds and is super easy! Just click 
these tabs up fold,  then fold in the legs and wala! 

Don’t worry moms, there are flaps to cover that part.
Once folded there is a strap to keep it folded.

The only thing I would change is the plastic feet you screw on. I wish there was some
kind of fabric so the seat can’t slide. I have wood floors and it slides everywhere. It’s fine if you have carpet.

Like what you see?
You can purchase the Summer Infant Resting Napper at Target or Babies R Us.

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