Super Duper Publications Focus on manners Review

| February 3, 2013 | 0 Comments
As a parent I try to enforce good manners. My kids are such free spirits and are
comfortable with who they are that sometimes they let their manners slip right by them.

I turned to Super Duper Publications because of their assortment of learning
and listening tools. I like the Focus on Manners fun deck. It helps my kids talk about different types of behaviors they may see at school, in the community or here at home. ┬áThe front of each card has a colorful illustration. The card back has a short story plus four follow-up questions. Some cards depict students exhibiting appropriate behavior. All of the cards will help your children ” focus” on manners.

I really like how these cards focus not only on manners but it helps my kids understand why.

Super Duper Inc. makes lots more great learning products that you can
check out HERE

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