Surviving Infancy Video Review

| March 22, 2013 | 0 Comments
When it comes to my kids I want the best. Even
before my kids were born I had concerns and questions. How to do this and when should I do that? Do my kids have to get immunizations? Simple stuff like that.
The Surviving Infancy video guide provides expectant parents, grandparents-to-be and caretakers over three hours of essential and authoritative information presented by two award-winning Emergency Medicine physicians Dr. Birnbaumer & Dr. McCollough.
You’ll receive expert advice concerning routine illnesses and the key information needed to manage pediatric medical emergencies. In addition, you’ll be informed of the latest information regarding how to keep your infant or toddler safe from the many hidden dangers around the home.
I found this video very informative! The first part focuses on infants 6 months and younger. They first talked about SIDS & crib safety. Too many babies die of SIDS because they are not properly placed in their crib. They also talked about bath, car seat, vehicle and shaken baby syndrome.
The second part focuses on toddlers. This section focuses on choking, electrical, window safety, position, driveway, kitchen & pool. The other informative sections include routine illnesses, pediatric emergencies, immunizations and parenting challenges.
Like I said before most of this information is common sense but there are a lot of hidden dangers that surprisingly most parents don’t know about. The part I found very informative was the immunizations and pediatric emergencies section. I would highly recommend this video to expecting parents not only to inform them but to ease their worries.
You can purchase the 2 disc DVD set for $29.95or you can stream it right from your computer for $24.95. It’s well worth it!

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