Svan Signet Complete High Chair Review

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An award-winning high chair designed to grow with a child through every stage of life. Bringing infants as young as six months up to the kitchen or dining table and growing to a chair for young adults. With a great Scandinavian look, this family-friendly chair will fit in with any household.
I absolutely love the modern sleek look of the Svan Signet Complete high chair and most of all what it can do! The first stage of the high chair starts at 6-36 months of age. I feel you can start at 4 months when your baby starts solids.
The Signet comes with a removable washable tray which is a must with a messy baby.
Another favorite I love is that you can hide the tray when not in use!
Just click it to the back of the high chair.
As your baby grows all you have to do is adjust the foot rest & the seat!
The second stage of the high chair is 3-8 years old.
This is great for toddlers who are just graduating the infant seat. This will
allow the child to eat at the dining table with everyone else.
As your toddlers legs start to grow so does your Svan Signet! Just adjust
the foot rest down to make it more comfortable for your child.
Sooner or later your little baby turns into a well behaved child who no longer needs
a high chair. The Svan Signet Complete high chair will allow your child to use it as a chair, desk chair or art chair, what ever your child desires to use it as!
We have a counter height dining table and I was worried my four year old wouldn’t be able to reach the table using the Svan Signet Complete high chair at it’s highest point. But again..I was proved wrong!
The Svan Signet Complete High Chair comes in 5 different colors to choose from.
I love that you can match your high chair to your furniture.
The Svan Signet Complete high chair should be on everyones baby registry. This high chair will
allow you to get your money worth. I don’t like spending a lot of money on something that will last me a year. It’s not worth it to me. I highly recommend this high chair to parents & parents to be.
Check out my Youtube Video 😉

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