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Perfect for travel and visiting friends, the Totseat chair harness attaches to an adult chair to envelop a baby in safety and comfort. It adapts to securely fit chairs, and babies, of all shapes and sizes, is pocket-sized and machine washable. Developed with safety experts. Lifetime guarantee.

I travel a lot with kids and the hardest part about traveling is not having an available high chair for your baby. Sometimes you get lucky and find one but most always I don’t which leaves me left to holding a squirmy baby in my lap. Not fun! Svan makes a great travel high chair called the totseat. It’s a portable high chair that you can literally fit in your purse! You can also use it on virtually any chair that has a back!

I absolutely love using this! It’s limits the need for a bulky high chair at home and is very well made. I actually feel more secure with this than a regular high chair and much easier to clean.


The totseat comes in a convenient carry pouch to store anywhere.

Svan Totseat 1

It’s also very simple to use also! I used it on my bar stool chairs. First you sleeve it over the top of the chair.

Svan Totseat 2

Svan Totseat 3

Set baby down and flip the bottom portion over the baby’s waist.

Svan Totseat 5

Attach the straps around the back of the chair and secure it through the loops and buckle it.

Svan Totseat 6

They have all sort of designs available! What I really love is you can have them personalized for a baby shower gift.

svan totseat 7

You can purchase the totseat for $35 HERE

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