Swiss Natural Aromatherapy Review

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Ever since becoming a mom I have grown to love natural products and remedies especially since I suffer from anxiety. I refuse to be on medication since it’s not all the time but I rely on natural remedies such as the Swiss Just Product line. They carry every thing you need to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, cellulite, and much more!
I have been using the Lemon essential oil in my Oil burner. Not only do I love the smell of lemons,  but the lemon oil  will release your blocked energy, stimulating creativity and awareness. It comes through like a breath of fresh air, spreading positive energy, lifting your spirits and inspiring you to accomplish anything! Click HERE to see all their different types of oils based on your specific need.
My favorite is the Body Balm. The invigorating rub stimulates circulation and prevents bruising. This refined combination of arnica extract together with exquisite natural active ingredients, protects skin from external hazards, by soothing and minimizing discomfort caused by bumps and insect bites. Perfect for children, who tend to fall often and bruise easily.
My husband loves the Juniper Cream! He works 16 hour days and always has a sore neck/ shoulder. I massage the Juniper cream where he’s tense and it relaxes and soothes his muscle aches and pains. It’s also great for elderly and athletes to move more easily! It’s warming effects helps prepare the body for sports and physical activity. 
When allergy season comes around we love using the Thyme Cream. A massage on the chest, neck, back and soles of the feet with Thyme Cream, rich in wonderful and aromatic essential oils, relaxes the tensions that build up in the chest, causing discomfort in the winter and allergy season.
Swiss Just makes a whole line of baby products also! We know how babies can get fussy and they have just the right product to help them out ranging from oils to skin care. 
You can also click HERE to check out their products based on your needs. Since I suffer from Anxiety I choose to look HERE
You can also check them out on Facebook and their Blog

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