Tike Tech City X3 single stroller review

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Are you downsizing, upgrading or simply buying your first stroller? Well Tike Tech has a whole line of strollers to choose from such as the Tike Tech CX3 Single Stroller. Now I have to admit that I have bought strollers way out of my budget just to have the best working stroller that has all the best features. Well thanks to Tike Tech you can have it all with out taking out a personal loan! You can purchase the single version for under $400! You had me at Hello!
This stroller is just beautiful all around and very clean cut. My standards in looking for a stroller are style and functionality. You can’t roll in style in an ugly stroller….
Ok.. Lets get down to the details..Shall we???

I had to share this picture because my kids act like it’s Christmas or something. Caden had this stroller out before I was able to look at the box!

My favorite..The canopy, a must to have a nice big canopy on a stroller at ALL times!
The canopy is removable (multi positional) with adjustable “low drop down visor”and Includes a large moon roof with moon roof cover.



Use your Tike Tech from the get go with our snap on car seat adapter. This adapter attaches in seconds and makes this stroller useable from the moment you bring your little bundle of joy home. 
Some compatible car seats are as follows:
Graco Snugride
Graco Snugride 32
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
Evenflow Embrace
Britax Companion
Britax Chaperone
The Tike Tech rides like a dream even with my 5 year old sitting in it with it’s 12 inch wide track swivel wheel that provides unmatched maneuverability and 12 inch wide track with push button quick release and one step dual rear parking brake. This stroller rides like a dream and I feel very safe jogging with out the fear of something happening . The front wheel also easily locks for light jogs.


This stroller also has an awesome IFD Shox system (independent frame damping) that dampens unwanted vibrations at wheel impact creating a totally smooth ride. Another feature that is pretty awesome that you don’t see on other strollers is their Q.A.T (quick adjustable tracking) system which assists your stroller to track straight so your front tire does not go out of wack when your light jogging.


Driving the CityX3 swivel-wheel stroller feels mighty comfortable thanks to an adjustable handle bar with an ergonomic design which is also great due to the fact that my husband is 6 foot and can push it with out slouching or hitting his feet on the break bar and my 4 year old daughter loves to push her little brother, the handle adjusts perfectly to her height. Now when buying a stroller I look for lightness, I can’t handle heavy strollers especially since I have an SUV. The Tike Tech City X3 is made of aluminum which makes is durable & light weight, this tough frame offers unmatched performance compared to other strollers on the market. Now folding the stroller is a breeze with it’s  Quick one step fold up design which provides easy stow & go capability, perfect for the active on the go family. 


Now the seat… LOVE IT! 
The back of the seat is fully padded ( the actual seat not so much) with low ride recline (suitable from 6 weeks on) and is not a flimsy hammock style seat and includes a mesh pocket and a removable rear seat cover. Stain resistant makes clean up a snap. Also included is a mesh opening at the back of the seat for air flow on those hot summer days.

The recline is a one touch, one clip recline system which is easy to recline with one hand. You do however need to hands to adjust the seat to a sitting position. As mentioned about the seat suitable for 6 months and up. Any age under that would recommend using an infant seat.

The seat also has a  5-point harness with adjustable padded safety straps, shoulder pads and adjustable chest strap. Now if you have read my other stroller reviews you know that I am not a big fan off 5 point harness. Maybe they are ok for babies who don’t move, BUT when you have a toddler who can escape even a stray jacket the 5 point harness is pointless Unless there is another (non movable) clip a the chest which would prevent the child from moving the chest clip down and eventually escaping. That’s where Tike Tech Listens! Yes they added that Chest clip and no… it has a stopping point so your child cannot slide it down to try to escape!! Thank you Tike Tech for this small but BIG add on! 


The Tike Tech has pretty good storage space, about the same as most strollers. This stroller has 2 interior mesh pockets / mesh pocket on back of seat / large basket underneath seat.

Basket underneath is huge!!

back of the seat a LARGE storage basket

I used the stroller for the first time today, though the wheels come semi inflated I had to go with not so air filled tires. I was going to fill them up but my hubby took the air pump hose. I really wish strollers that have air filled tires come with air pumps. There have been numerous times that I have gone some where only to find I have a flat. But I have to admit that even with Semi Air filled tires I rode exceptionally really well!  I took the stroller to pick up my son at school and let me tell you.. I received so many compliments and lots of questions! 


You can purchase the Tike Tech City X3 in 4 different colors to fit your preference
Classic Black / Pacific Blue / Alpine Red / Autumn Orange.
My favorite.. The black, it hides the dirt and looks clean longer.

To purchase one or to find a dealer near you click HERE

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