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Universal Studios is a great place to visit. We live close but don’t go that often. We have some friends that work there so we try not to abuse our privileges too much. It’s a fun and exciting place to go with kids that are over 42 inches tall unless you want to be sitting on the sidelines the whole time. They do however have a park that the younger kids can get wet at. Universal Studios is the place where the magic happens. Films were made and produced right on the lot. Well, get to that a bit later. Universal Studios consists of an upper and lower level. The upper level contains more of the shows, The Simpson Ride, the Stage Tour, restaurants and shops. The kids love to see characters walking around ready to have fun with you.

This was a great show to see! We got to meet the actors afterwards & get some pictures. The kids loved it.

Universal Studios Los Angeles 7

Universal Studios Los Angeles 4

Tons of great Photo Ops that look so real!



The Studio Tour is the best! If you can get your hands on a ton of front of the line passes like we did then you’d want to definitely stop here. The lines are VERY long because this ride is so popular. We were able to get right on which was nice! Standing in a long line with three impatient kids is not my thing. It’s worth standing in though if you’ve never been on it. The Studio Tour takes you behind the scenes of where some producers shoot parts of their movies. Sometimes you might run into an actor:

Universal Studios Los Angeles 8

You just might get to see where they filmed Desperate Housewives

Universal Studios Los Angeles 5

Go through Old Town Mexico get caught in a flood

Universal Studios Los Angeles 10

See where Back To The Future was filmed

Universal Studios Los Angeles 1

Hang out in the subway during a frightening California earthquake, floods fire & all. A gush of water floods the stair case and all around you.

Universal Studios Los Angeles 2

Or simply get an up close encounter with Jaws.

Universal Studios Los Angeles 3

That is just some of what the Studio Tour shows you. It’s really fun and it gives your kids tired legs a much need long rest.

To get to the lower level is no easy task especially if you are in a wheel chair or have strollers. If you have to take the elevator you must do so , then hop on a bus! You other options are, you can take the three story escalator up or down, which we did or if your athletic then take the stairs that are located on the side of the escalator.*warning* only do this if you have an unlimited amount of energy! lol..



The lower level has most of the older kid & adult rides. Ethan our 8 year old was able to go on all. The only ride at the lower lever that Caden could ride was the Transformers ride. We also had the privilege of  taking a private back tour of the Transformers ride. The kids got to see how the rides work and all that fun stuff. *note* this is not available to just anyone. We just know people.

The had Jurassic park the water ride, which by the way was scary! The drop was way steeper and longer than you expect! Lauren went on it and decided never to do it again.

Universal Studios Los Angeles 6

The Characters on the second level were pretty cool. Lauren was obsessed with this one from The Mummy 😉



Universal Studios is a great family place and your kids will love the excitement it brings!


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