Valco Baby Universal Stroller Roller Review & Giveaway

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I travel allot, especially with tons of baby gear. My stroller is my pride and joy especially since it retails over $800, so as you can imagine I want to keep is as good as new. Valco Baby has made a Stroller Roller which is like a suit case for your investment stroller to keep it safe from harm. Easily wrap your stroller in this bag and not only is the stroller safely padded but you can roll it behind you. Universal Fit Compatible with: Most Single Strollers & All Single Valco Baby Strollers
The Valco stroller roller is compatible with  Tri Mode EX | Ion EX | Matrix | Quad |Zee | Cirque SE
but if you know me I go beyond the brand and use it for my “other brand” strollers. Also great with  BabyTri Mode, Quad, Rebel Q, Rebel Q AIR, Matrix, Runabout, Ion, Latitude, Navigator, Baby Jogger City Mini, Elite, Classic, Mountain Buggy Swift, Phil&Ted Explorer, Dash, Hammer Head and many more.
The Valco Stroller Roller comes in a compact storage bag for easy storage. 

I love that the stroller fits so smoothly in the bag and it’s super easy! I am OCD with keeping my strollers in new condition  which means…Yes I even store the stroller in the Stroller roller in my SUV! Yes strollers can get sun faded sitting in a car. 

Now it’s not a bag you just slide the stroller it. It’s kind of like a big diaper with four sides. If you can master putting on a diaper you can most likely do this with out instructions. If not.. Use the instructions.. and stay away from diaper duties at home.. cause that does not come with instructions…lol. Just lay the folded stroller on top and fold each side of the stroller roller over the stroller and clip it shut! Then when your not using it.. you roll it up like a sleeping bag and put it back in it’s bag! I love this because it’s not bulky at all! 

Step 1: Open it up

Step 2: Fold the longest end with the clip over and clip it

Step 3:  Fold the sides together and clip

Step 4: Grab the other end at the wheel’s and fold over the stroller

And Wala!! A reliable stroller roller!

Interested in purchasing one!
You can buy one HERE
Retail’s $100

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